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 Save Your Windscreen

Save Your Windscreen

Windscreen Repair Is Cheaper Than a Replacement

Windscreen repair costs a fraction of what you’d spend on a replacement. However, as stated above, even minor chips can evolve into bigger damages if left unfixed.

Temperature fluctuations, for instance, can transform a small chip into spider-like cracks. Glass can expand under the heat of the sun, and in lower temperatures, contract. As such, these “thermal stresses” can further damage a compromised windscreen.

So, if you already have a chip or a crack in your windscreen, they can spread due to temperatures. Now, keep in mind that NT, including Darwin, has been getting record-breaking temps. That should be enough reason to take your ride in for windscreen repairs as soon as you notice cracks or chips.

A sudden onslaught of hail can also cause further destruction to your windscreen. Whilst rare, hail storms can still occur throughout the Northern Territory. These can break windscreens in tip-top condition, so imagine what they can do to one that has chips or cracks.

Prevent Your Car from Becoming Unroadworthy

Depending on how big the windscreen damage is, NT police can stop you and your vehicle. Upon further inspection, they may write up a defect notice. This may occur if your windscreen problem renders your car “unroadworthy.”

In some cases, the police can also prohibit the use of vehicles with a defect notice. So, if this happens to you, you may even have to get your car towed! That’s an extra (and hefty) expense that you can avoid by getting prompt windscreen repairs.

For your reference, here are some windscreen damages that may make the police flag and stop you:

  • Significant scoring or discolouration that impairs your view
  • Bulls-eye damages that are over 16 mm in diameter
  • Star fractures with a diameter of more than 16 mm

You may also get stopped if your windscreen has two of the following damages:

  • A hairline crack measuring 30 mm in length
  • A 75 mm long crack starting from the edge of the windscreen

If you have both or two of each of the above, you can also get a defect notice from the NT police. These are also the kind of damages that already warrant a windscreen replacement.

If you’re unsure of just how bad the damage is, it’s best to call Windscreen Territory in Darwin. We can help you assess the cracks or fractures to determine if we can still save your windscreen. If it already requires replacement, you can rely on our team of experts for this too.

What’s important is to have your windscreen inspected as soon as possible. The last thing you want is not only to get stopped by the police but also to compromise your safety.

Don’t Risk Driving With a Damaged Windscreen

As you can see, a windscreen repair service is one of the things you should never put off. It can make all the difference between a roadworthy car and a vehicle that can be a danger to everyone on the road. Besides, getting your windscreen fixed now may help you avoid a costlier replacement.

If you need immediate help with your windscreen, Windscreen Territory is here to help. We deliver speedy windscreen services, including repairs and replacements. Get in touch with us now so we can help make your ride safe and roadworthy once again.