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We have many years of experience and expertise with installing and helping design film graphics and have completed this type of work for many of our clients in Darwin. The new security checkpoint at the Darwin Airport was proudly completed by our team and an excellent example of how a simple design can make an area look dramatically better. We often install film in corporate environments for decorative and practical reasons as there is the added benefit of creating privacy in a mostly glass office.

Trying to create the perfect professional atmosphere in your office or workplace?

Adding decorative film or tint to the glass doors or windows in your building is a subtle yet effective way of dramatically increasing the aesthetics and respectability of an area. Take advantage of your own branding and decorate the glass walls or windows with your logo or use a frosted glass effect to create sleek and professional graphics. We understand that making a great first impression on your clients is crucial and want to help make your work area looking as professional as we can.

Creating a space that is unique to your company is crucial to making your brand identity stand out from the competition. Spicing up your office space with a personal touch will make your office seem more impressive and memorable. Windscreens territory will use our expertise in decorative glass tinting to turn your office into an area that will impress your clients and your employees can be proud of.

Why Should I Use Decorative Tint in my Office?

Like we stated, all you need to do is give us a design idea and we can handle the rest. We can create decorative tint that shows your logo, pattern or shapes of choice.

Decorative tint is one of the most cost-effective ways to personalise your space, especially considering the aesthetics it brings.

When we install decorative tint for you or your company, you can know it will be installed with quality and care in mind. Decorative tint is already durable but can last even longer when installed by glass professionals. If you ever change your mind on it’s placement or design, you can rest easy knowing that it is easy to remove without needing to go through the process of replacing the glass.

One of the main negatives about corporate office environments are the glass offices. They often provide limited privacy and can be a serious issue for confidential spaces or rooms. Luckily, many types of decorative film do an amazing job of obstructing view while still making the space look better.

Staying identifiable as a brand can be difficult. Take advantage of your existing branding and decorate your office with your own well-designed logo to reinforce your company identity in a stylish and practical way.

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