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Benefits of tinting your home

Windscreen Territory offers quality residential tint, home window tinting and residential tinting services in Darwin.While having nice floor to ceiling windows looks amazing and lets in plenty of natural light, leaving them unprotected is both inefficient and potentially harmful. Tinting your home windows provides you with:

  • Skin Protection
  • Furniture Protection
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Glare
  • Improved Safety and Security

Statistics on tinting your home

  • Tinting your home windows can lower your energy bills by as much as 30%
  • Window tinting filming is responsible for reducing the UV rays by as much 99%.

What is Residential Window Tinting? How Does it Work?

Residential window tinting is a method of reducing the heat and glare coming into your home. It does this by adding a layer of tint to the window, blocking out the sunlight and allowing you to control the amount of light that enters your home.

Window tinting is a great way to make your home more environmentally friendly and help protect the interior of your home from the effects of UV rays. Window tinting is not just for cars anymore. Residential window tinting has been developed for homes and residences. Window tinting can be done on both the inside and outside of your windows.

There are many benefits of residential window tinting, such as:

• A layer of tint on windows can reduce up to 99% of unwanted solar heat entering your home. 

• Residential window tinting allows you to control how much light enters your home so you don’t wake up in the morning with a headache or cranky because it’s too bright. 

• It helps keep your room cooler during the summer months by reducing unwanted solar heat while also keeping out harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer.

Window tinting is a common practice for both businesses and residential homes. Window tinting not only protects the interior of your home, it also increases energy efficiency and reduces fading, and reduce glare on the interior.

Window tinting has been around for over 50 years and has been used in various industries, such as construction, automotive, military, aerospace, and architecture. Window film is made from a thin polymer material that is laminated between two pieces of clear plastic that are then applied to the surface of your window with an adhesive layer or foil backing.

Best Type Of Window Tinting For Homes

Home window tinting is best for improving the temperature balance inside your home. There are two types of window tinting that you can choose from: reflective and anti-reflective window glass.

There are 5 main types of window tint:

Dyed Tint

Metalized Tint

Hybrid Tint

Carbon Tint

Ceramic Tint.

Non-reflective windows tints will provide better thermal insulating properties but might cast a yellow or red tint across their surface depending on where they were manufactured. Reflective window glass is better at blocking out harmful UV rays but does not quite have the insulation capacity of an automotive film or wraparound skylight film which also has a translucent backing sheet containing silver specks to serve as reflect.

Different Types of Residential Window Film

Window films are a great way to protect your home from the damaging rays of the sun while still being able to enjoy the view. Window films are available in different types – solar control films/ solar window film, decorative films, and window tinting for example. Here is a brief overview of each type of window film.

Solar Control Films: These are designed to reduce heat gain by reflecting sunlight away from the house towards the ground. They are most often made up of one or more layers of materials that control heat transfer by absorption, reflection, or diffusion.

Decorative Films: These are used for privacy, security, decoration, and style. They can be clear or have colored designs that can match your interior décor or exterior color scheme.

Window Tinting Services – the professionals who do it right!

You’re tired of living in a house with windows that let too much light into your home. You want to have privacy and security, but you don’t want to pay for expensive curtains or blinds!

Imagine having tinted windows that block out the sun’s harmful rays while still letting in enough natural light so you can see outside comfortably. Windscreens Territory offers affordable window tinting services for residential homes, offices, cars, and more!

Windscreens Territory has skilled window tinters who have been providing quality service since 1991. They provide a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices so customers can enjoy their lives without worrying about the health risks associated with sunlight exposure during the summer months when UV levels are highest.

The best residential window tinting services in Darwin

Windscreens Territory offers a wide range of tinting services to clients in Darwin, Northern Territory, from commercial window tinting to residential solar window tinting. The company is committed to providing premium best tint that has high privacy, UV protection, and heat reduction properties.

From mobile tinting service at any convenient location or office window tints in office cubes or buildings, they also provide excellent car window tint and home window and solar screen services with guaranteed quality results by skilled operators. With many years’ experience, Windscreens Territory has been offering quality work that includes protecting the ozone layer and reducing temperatures, perfect for residential home window tinting services in Darwin.

If you search in Google for residential window tinting services near me, there is a reasonable chance that you will end up at the Windscreens Territory website. That’s no accident. 

We also provide the best windscreen services in Darwin, NT. Just contact us now & find out more about our window and windscreens tinting & glass repair or replacement services in Darwin, around Northern Territory.

Take a day off and relax with our professional tinting service provider. Window tinting is a necessary accessory for select vehicles, but it does so much more than just protect your car from the sun. Our installation process offers maximum safety and security films by removing 99% of harmful UV radiation, along with blocking out 33% of the heat to keep the interior cooler and help prevent foggy window.

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