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Benefits of Tinting Your Office

If you have large floor-to-ceiling windows, they look amazing and let in a lot of natural light. However, they are inefficient and could be harmful if they are unprotected.

Likewise, commercial glass window tinting isn't just a cosmetic enhancement. It reduces the heat coming into a building or office and saves money on the air conditioning. It also helps maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

Best Commercial Office Window Tinting Service In Darwin

Looking for office glass window tinting near me? Our local Darwin window tinting experts can help you. However, tinting glass window will provide you with:

  • Skin Protection.
  • Furniture Protection.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency.
  • Reduced Glare.
  • Improved Safety and Security.

We also provide the best vehicle window tinting service in Darwin.

Statistics on tinting your commercial place

Many people are unaware that window film filters 99 percent of IR radiation, lowering cooling expenses by 10%. This is because IR radiation will heat the building when there are no clouds in the sky.

Again, commercial building window tinting is becoming more and more popular with homeowners and office owners because it helps them save on energy costs. A study in the Journal of Energy and Building Science found that “besides reducing direct solar radiation, window films can reduce the amount of indirect solar heating in buildings by blocking up to 99% of infrared (IR) radiation”. 

  • Tinting your office windows can lower your energy bills by as much as 30%.
  • Window tinting can help homeowners save on energy costs.
  • Window tinting filming reduces the UV rays by as much as 99%.

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